EcoSysMAAT Phase One: STEAM’d uP Learning Cooperatives on Solana, establishing MVP, PMF and key development infrastructure. 

EcoSysMAAT - global equity in STEM 

Our STEAM’d uP educational programmes have been specifically designed to enable learners' cooperatives to advance their knowledge in STEM + the Cultural Arts within the pedagogy known as UnifiedKnowledge.  STEM = Science ● Technology ● Engineering ● Mathematics.  To support learning that is relevant to the cultural context of the learner, we have created an ecosystem which is wholistic and future proof, EcoSysMAAT. The basic mission of EcoSysMAAT is to address current global regional imbalances in access to STEM knowledge and research; to build a strong core global equity in STEM consciousness and competence, through UnifiedKnowledge approaches to education; and to create equality of access to world-class STEM learning, with the power to stimulate "home-grown" STEM solutions to local problems.  We seek this through 1) strategic global partnerships with the leaders of blockchain (web3 & crypto) technologies and 2) community-led and family-led learning groups and initiatives organised as local cooperatives. Our plan is for this to function globally.   EcoSysMAAT is a bold and a revolutionising approach to education, designed to remove educational imbalances. It is a nurturing environment for "everyday people" and a means to shape the future of cutting edge internet (web3) enabled innovations.  With your help we are developing cryptocurrencies (utility tokens) that will help fund this innovative educational service and ecosystem.   With our strategic partners EcoSysMAAT will enable communities to harness new opportunities and new (web3) paradigms for culturally interrelated sovereign learnerships.

panAfrica & Southeast Asia

Though global our project first focuses on developing Africa and Southeast Asia with brilliant STEAM’d uP educational programmes (that’s STEM + the Arts) that utilises blockchain technology advantages.

EqualityNOW - educational cryptocurrency

These educational programmes will be funded through utility tokens like EqualityNOW, which is set to provide a unique opportunity for wealth in the global blockchain community (and otherwise) to ethically focus on establishing equality (and equity) in STEAM'd up educational opportunities for everyday people, globally. 

The ethics of equality

Success in our project is essential to the future of the blockchain community’s value for “mass adoption”.  EcoSysMAAT is built on a fresh approach to the "pillars" of blockchain development, our model and systems of critique are built from an African place of being.  The integration of Unifiedknowledge pedagogical principles around the best web3 values helps ensure the highest quality assurance for societies panAfrica (and globally).

Education for True Global Power.

Get STEAM'd uP : Cooperative action empowered by web3 (distributed ledger technology) 

What's the Big Idea? STEAM'd uP Learning [example] 

CREATIVE LEARNING: Introducing classic and big ideas of maths in a STEAM'd uP way.

Classic Ideas of Maths & Science

Classic ideas of maths defined properly; Number, Measure & Ratio.  Plus summary into to the big ideas.  Plus the full lyrics to What's the Big Idea rap floetry; Get STEAM'd uP..

The Big Ideas of Mathematics

We value the parent along side the other (professional) teachers, in fact we value the learner as One who MUST become a skilled sharer (“teacher”) of what they know as part of the process of learning.

Level Being 9 - Mastery: STEAM'd uP learning (STEM + the Arts).

Full time two year uLearn Naturally (Unifiedknowledge) learning programme enabling children to attain beyond Level 9 GCSE mathematical consciousness & competence.+ abunDANCE in Schools workshops and programmes.

KICAS Builder App

The KICAS Builder App is one of the core applications in the EcoSysMAAT platform. It facilitates personal and cooperative group learning in innovative ways; utilising compelling tokenomics (gamification) and quality learning management systems. - in development

The new internet: Web3 from an African Place of Being - Part 2. Come and learn more at our next MeetUp:

PILOT COURSE: Becoming a Web3 Developer on Solana - via STEAM’d uP Learning

KICAS Builder App will be developed with this example course to optimise and demonstrate the scope of the app. With the support of the development foundation we will develop, for children and young people panAfrica, a course called::  Becoming a Web3 Developer on Solana - The Full Overview.  The app and this pilot course will be piloted in Tanzania, Ethiopia and the UK. We have strong connections with schools and FE institutions in these regions. The EcoSysMAAT is about providing personalised support to all members of the ecosystem by leveraging augmented intelligence and support teams; haibrid learning.

How you can help

Here is how you can help us in providing higher education to talented children, youth, families and adults from around Africa and Southeast Asia.

  • DONATE - Each $, £, ¥, sol, btc, eth, byte makes a difference
  • JOIN - We are always happy to meet new people with great skills.
  • ORGANISE - If you organize events that could be helpful we'll be happy to hear.
  • GIFT - Make bursaries to young people to help motivate and get success.
  • CONTACT - Want to help and don't know how? Contact us and we'll discuss.

Developing prototypes (MVPs) & Initial NFT Offerings (ICO/NFT) 

With the support to the team at Peoplescience Intelligence Unit we have already advanced deeply into the preparations of this project and ecosystem development.

The EcoSysMAAT Whitepaper

A white paper is an authoritative guide that concisely informs readers about a new development that may contain sophisticated issues and dynamic factors about a given project or proposal.  The EcoSysMAAT Whitepaper will share our philosophy on the web3 development firstly in the African context as well as outlining the key tokenomics models for our utility tokens (crypto currencies).  It will help prospective members and project supporters understand the key interests and dynamics around the proposed evolution of EcoSysMAAT.  Currently we are raising funds and support for the development of a robust whitepaper for EcoSysMAAT.

Principles of future success

In many ways the world’s connectedness is changing beyond all recognition. All this, by virtue of the convergence of emerging “web3” technologies, which are making the internet a powerful tool, popularly known as web3. The blockchain is part of these changes, set to reshape the future of how people across the globe will conduct many of their daily activities, especially in the realm of finance, commerce and learning. What's at the heart of building educational infrastructure for true global power?

New ways to empower learning

Juxtapose these technological changes happening all around us, against the large scale ignorance of exactly what these changes entail.  Juxtapose also those who have a solid knowledge of the power and the opportunities of web3 against those who do not. It is clear that for vast populations of the globe, particularly Africa, there could be great disadvantage because of the regional lack of knowledge in this domain.  It is reasonable to expect that such deeply structured disadvantages will further compound the already long established socio-economic inequalities known today. EcosysMAAT is committed to advancing much needed alternatives, which will help address the structural injustices that exist globally, whilst at the same time boldly engaging the ideological values behind much of these innovations - a desire for decentralisation is one key value - and with it, the possibility of truly democratising access to opportunities for personal success.  Decentralised services share a new point of view that is much more effective than that of the centralised controlling agency model of the last era.  Immutability, another value of web3 technologies means assigned principles and services working without interference or mutation from any centralised (“external”/”disconnected”) agent attempting to take control without mandate. At this pivotal time EcosysMAAT is taking up an important developmental and protective role where the need is greatest.  EcoSysMAAT’s primary mission is to nurture the great human potential across Africa and Southeast Asia, by equalising access to excellent STEM learning and building equity in web3 empowered education.

Building cooperative associations and groups

Cooperative harmonious principles are the fabric of traditional African cultures.  As with the whole world, Africa has existed in recent times with centralised systems of industry and education.  However that era, which is now passing away, has never properly fitted with the spirit of the people.  That explains many of the enduring strains in sovereign development panAfrica.EcoSysMAAT comes forward with a long and clear view of the past and therefore a brilliant view of the future. Using the best of classical and contemporary African culture along with clarity of the key objectives of cultural development, we have established a truly sound pedagogy (Unifiedknowledge) for blockchain education.  It revolves about cooperative models of learning and harnesses the web3 decentralisation in the best possible ways.Many say that blockchain technologies are disruptive, however Africa does not need more disruption, enough is enough. EcoSysMAAT’s mission is not disruption, we are bringing re-alignment, harmony and justice.  It’s amazing what equity and equality in STEM learning will bring.Under the umbrella of EcoSysMAAT’s ecosystem ANYONE can form a learners’ cooperative, we will bring to them the best resources web3 tech can bring to support their operational success.  This includes quality assurance standards for the implementation of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) and autonomous agents (AAs).  These are quality assurance standards that come from an African place of being.

Harnessing collective knowledge

The underdevelopment of Africa will be transformed with the emergence of new ways to harness collective knowledge and share it for the common good.  These include artificial intelligence (AI); big data analysis and machine learning for the augmentation (enhancement) of general collective knowledge.  We are also interested in blockchain publishing. EcoSysMAAT will raise consciousness and competence in STEM by valuing, endorsing and sharing the integral value of cultural arts in all essential STEM learning.  This is Unifiedknowledge, it is important, however it is the conversion of this raised standard into gross domestic productions of peace, health and wealth that is at the heart of our service vision and mission.

Our roadmap to launching EcoSysMAAT

This is a general overview of our intended roadmap to the full phase one launch of the ecosystem and utility token(s)

Step 1


Members of our learners' cooperative  connected to Abundance Centres UK have donated a modest budget and various kinds of expertise to assist with the initial research and development.

Step 2


1) We will build Partnerships of Strategic Integration & Tactic (PoSITs). 2) We intend to secure a core development fund for whitepaper preparations, viability prototypes (MVP) testing & Initial Coin Offering (ICO) implementation; £101250 target budget.

Step 3


Whitepaper completed, partnerships agreed, technicals and practicalities tested and ready. uLearn Naturally Learners’ Co-operative prepared for the new globalised dynamic. The venture plan (whitepaper) outlines how we plan to establish the unit value in the "marketplace" and the full tokenomics model.

Step 4


Prepare and run the ICO/NFT Auction, raise full operation fund for first defined phase. 

Step 5


Assess the ICO/NFT Auction and consolidate new opportunity that will come through the process.

Step 6


Build teams and implement the venture plan (whitepaper).

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