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EcoSysMAAT - global equity in STEM education. The KICAS Builder App is one of the core applications in the EcoSysMAAT platform. It facilitates personal and cooperative group learning in innovative ways; utilising compelling tokenomics (gamification) and quality learning management systems.


Vision: > Knowledge > Insight > Compentence > Ability > Skill

Vision :  Education for true global power.


Mission: Our ecosystem empowers learners by bringing out their inherent brilliance.

Mission:  The EcoSysMAAT ecosystem empowers learners by bringing out their inherent brilliance; supporting each One, personally, with the world’s best technology and approaches to education. We’re nurturing deeply empowered beings, from pre-birth to entry into adulthood, by teaching cutting edge STEAM’d uP Learning; that’s STEM + the Arts; Worldclass Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths through cultural creativity that excels every age and stage of human development along natural spirals of lifelong learning. Wise pedagogies empowering peace and equitable wealth distribution; individually, nationally, globally.     


AI & Web3​: The next generation of the internet is here.

Web 3.0 enables a future where distributed users and machines (DLTs; distributed ledger technologies) are able to interact with data, value and other counterparties via a substrate of peer-to-peer networks without the need for third parties. The result: an emergent human-centric & privacy preserving computing fabric for the next wave of the web; human relations and development augmented by increasingly more ethical design. - EcoSysMAAT GAIU provides Augmented Intelligence Products, Applications and Services with the best quality in assured Cultural Integrity Management, consultation and support services. Our Intelligence Unit builds true advantage into our clients' Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies and practices through the robust development of future ready educational infrastructure. EcoSysMAAT Global Augmented Intelligence Unit

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